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3 vs 1 to train ball possession and transitions

3 vs 1 to train ball possession and transitions

  • 4 markers
  • 2 poles
  • 1 vest (red in the figure)
  • sufficient balls to ensure continuity
  • Playing area: 15x15 meters
  • Players: 4
  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Series: 3 series 4 minutes with 1 minute of passive recovery
Summary Secondary Objectives
3 vs 1 situation to train ball possession and rapid transition
Oriented control, Dribbling, Losing your marker, Pass, Positioning, Intercepting, Pass and move, 3 versus 1, Ball possession

Form a 7x7 square using the markers. Create a 3 meters small goal using the poles 5 meters distant from the square. Arrange 3 white players and 1 red inside the square. One white player starts with the ball.

  • On coach starting signal the exercise starts with a 3 vs 1 situation
  • The white players can move freely inside the square
  • Unlimited ball touches
  • If the red player regain the ball, he must carry it across the small goal as quickly as possible ( ex. in the figure)
  • Only the player who lost the ball can chase the red player trying to stop him
  • If the red player succeed in carrying the ball across the small goal, he replaces the white player who lost the ball


Coaching Points
  • Don't stay arranged on the same line to balance the combination
  • Ensure two passing options to teammate supporting him
  • Promptness and harmonious movement with or without the ball
  • The player who passes the ball has to move showing for a new pass
  • Privilege passes forward to conquer space
  • Stay put only for a tactical reason
  • The two players without the ball can swap positions in both vertical and horizontal directions
  • If the ball carrier is unmarked, the two players attack the space combining 
  • Tacking positions is an individual tactical skill wich provides for cognitive capabilities, spatiotemporal estimation and motor anticipation

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